Dr. Simran Sethi As RenewMD approaches our week-long event, ‘Glowing Skin by Picosure‘ (RSVP below) – I wanted to discuss how Picosure is so effective, who it’s for, and why this laser is one of the newest and safest methods to achieve laser skin resurfacing in ALL skin types. See Picosure Before and After.

What is laser resurfacing?

In a nutshell- injuring skin to make it make new, healthier and younger skin. Laser resurfacing treats/diminishes wrinkles, dark spots, irregular skin tone and reduces pore size. For decades, fractionated and Carbon Dioxide lasers have delivered great results, however, only in very light skin types (Fitzpatrick I to III). Unfortunately, this left darker skin types, that typically suffer from uneven skin texture and hyperpigmentation, with less effective options like chemical peels and skin bleaching. PicoSure

The Picosure laser has really revolutionized the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation and texture in ethnic and darker skin types.

The treatment essentially, involves ‘micro’ and ‘controlled’ injury to the dermis delivered in a trillionth of a second, avoiding thermal injury to the surface of the skin. This injury signals the body to build collagen and melanin is also targeted to treat a variety of pigmentary conditions like melasma or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The result is smoother, tighter and more even skin. Additionally, unlike older laser technologies there is virtually no pico laser downtime, with moderate skin redness for one to three hours. A small percentage of patients experience a mild breakout a day or two after their procedure, but this spontaneously subsides in a few days, revealing completely refreshed and smoother skin.

What I like about Picosure is the large spectrum of skin conditions it addresses. It is an excellent treatment for acne scars, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, including melasma. However, what is even more exciting about it is the fact that it is the most effective treatment for these skin issues for darker skin types and has quickly become the treatment of choice for Hispanic, Asian, South East Asian and African American skin.

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