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Dr. Simran Sethi founded RenewMD Wellness and Beauty with one thing in mind. She believed that wellness and beauty is about feeling great in your skin. It’s an attitude, a way of life. After seeking numerous products and treatments for her skin type and not having great results, she committed to learning about the best products and treatments for all skin types.  She set out to address their skin solutions and bring out their most radiant skin. She succeeded. Welcome to RenewMD Wellness and Beauty.

We specialize in all skin tones and types using the most advanced, safest, and effective treatments and technologies. Dr. Sethi personally selects and tests all the equipment at RenewMD. We simplify the treatment options so you don’t feel overwhelmed and can enjoy your treatments in a relaxed atmosphere. Gorgeous, natural results are our goal and we like it that way. We hope you do too!

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Expert Staff RenewMD Beauty & Wellness Medspa Fremont

RenewMD Medical Spa is a distinguished wellness and aesthetic center with a results-driven approach for overall wellness revitalization using top of the line technology and practices. In addition to our Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Simran Sethi, our esteemed staff includes nurses and aestheticians who are highly experienced in catering and customizing services that ensure preventative care and long-lasting results.

Customized Solutions


RenewMD’s team values that knowledge is power. Our team’s expertise in wellness and aesthetics will empower our clients to take the lead in their health and beauty journeys by using our personalized and customized, results-based health, weight, and skin programs and services.

Before most services, we recommend booking a consultation with Dr. Sethi. This allows us to give guided suggestions and a customized program that best fits your ultimate goals.