Expert Care. Expert Experience.

Ruby Castro, Fremont RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Ruby Castro
Client Care Director


Expertise: Education through SUPER in-depth skin analysis and results longevity
Fave treatment: Potenza Microneedling 1-2 times a year for amping-up collagen
Makes clients feel: empowered, heard, seen, bold, and like they can do anything
Also: a Libra, mama bear, nurturer, believes inner beauty can shine outwards

Stephanie Kirschenman, Stockton RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Stephanie Kirschenman
Practice Administrator


Expertise: knows innovation, flexibility, and customization of medical aesthetics
Fave treatment: Injectables and micro needling — both are so multi-functional!
Makes clients feel: confident, excited, at home
Also: a Cancer, kind, authentic, open to new and better, leader, mom

Janell Schroeder, Folsom RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Janell Schroeder
Client Care Coordinator & Skin Coach


Expertise: The skin master, with over 20 years as a Licensed Aesthetician
Fave treatment: Non-invasive body sculpting & facial sculpting treatments
Makes clients feel: multi-dimensional, celebrated, empowered, fierce
Also: an Aquarius, kind, straightforward, a garden lover, LOVES family

Rosa Austin, Folsom RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Rosa Austin
Nurse Practitioner-BC


Expertise: 22+ years focused on women’s wellness and aesthetics!
Fave treatment: Injectables for face & lips; innovative face sculpting!
Makes clients feel: that every detail and need is seen, heard, and delivered
Also: a Pisces, super creative, kind, open-minded, loves travel and reinvention

Joy Tiangson, Fremont RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Joy Tiangson
Registered Nurse


Expertise: Completely detail-driven and results focused with lasers!
Fave treatment: laser hair removal, not just for hair removal, but skin smoothing!
Makes clients feel: at home, at peace, thoroughly cared for
Also: a Virgo, detail oriented, warm, loves dressing her dog Tootsie, sharing smiles

Gissell Stone, Stocton & Fremont RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Gissell Stone
Registered Nurse

Stockton & Fremont

Expertise: Skin resurfacing and injectables — both very multi-beneficial!
Fave treatment: Picosure Pro skin resurfacing and injectables!
Makes clients feel: educated, excited about skincare, and excited to try new things
Also: a Gemini, I combine creativity with aesthetics, and I love the outdoors

Lisa Le, Fremont RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Lisa Le
Registered Nurse


Expertise: Skin resurfacing for a makeup-free look!
Fave treatment: Picosure Pro skin resurfacing for restoring skin tone and texture
Makes clients feel: excited about combining beauty with aesthetics
Also: an Aries, loves her dog Olive, a huge foodie, and loves travel