How IV Glutathione Injections Produce Brighter and Healthier Skin

In this blog we’ll cover:

  • What are IV Glutathione injections
  • How IV Glutathione injections improve skin health
  • The difference in today’s skin-brightening methods
  • The harmful history of previous brightening products

With so many topical skin care products available, it may surprise you that IV injection treatments can provide powerful skin health benefits. IV injections of glutathione, an antioxidant, are administered to reverse UV damage, acne, scarring, and more!

The treatment’s skin renewal properties are made possible by glutathione, which works with our melanin to reverse damage and prevent further hyperpigmentation. Due to glutathione’s effects, these injections can minimally lighten the skin’s tone. This article acknowledges societal opinions surrounding skin tones and emphasizes the importance of nurturing and embracing our natural skin shades.

On The Skin Report podcast, Dr. Simran Sethi, an Internal Medicine doctor and Founder of RenewMD medical spas and Skin by Dr. Sethi provides an informative breakdown of IV glutathione injections. Read on to learn more about this powerful skin treatment and how it provides a safe way to improve the skin’s health with glowing results!

Skin Lightening Should Not Be A Beauty Standard

Colonialism in the Western world was highly influential in spreading racism and colorism, which are still closely tied to beauty and social standards. Both of these discriminatory ideals share a prejudice against people with darker skin tones. On the other hand, lighter skin shades are seen as more socially desirable, with lighter-skinned individuals often experiencing more respect, opportunities, and perceived beauty.

Society’s glorification of white skin has damaging effects for people of color from both outside and within their ethnicities. Colorism, racism, social pressures, and beauty standards have led to many people throughout history using unsafe practices to lighten their skin. Even today, harmful methods like skin bleaching still occur in many countries where colorism remains prevalent.

Skin brightening can be a sensitive and controversial topic. Still, the harmful history of certain skin-lightening practices can remind us that it’s important to embrace and celebrate our natural skin tones.

Skin Brightening Today

Skin lightening to conform to societal pressures and beauty standards can have harmful psychological, emotional, and physical effects. However, many people today seek treatments that brighten the skin for reasons entirely unrelated to their ethnicity or race.

These safe skin treatments for people of color can improve their overall skin health while brightening the skin’s appearance. Brightening the skin can be seen as a side effect of the treatment’s larger purpose – to help address issues that the patient is currently struggling with.

Healthier Skin With A Brighter Complexion

So what are safe skin-lightening methods, and why would someone seek them out?

At RenewMD medical spas, Dr. Sethi provides skin-lightening injections in the form of IVs containing glutathione. Glutathione injections may brighten the skin, but are primarily administered for the purpose of repairing skin damage from sun exposure, scarring, and aging.

Glutathione is a strong antioxidant that reduces the production of eumelanin, a type of melanin. The difference in people’s pigmentation comes down to their ratio of eumelanin and pheomelanin, and the amount of melanin their melanocytes can create. Someone with a darker skin shade will likely have a greater amount of eumelanin, while someone with a lighter skin shade will have a higher amount of pheomelanin.

Glutathione IV skin-lightening injections can lead to the production of more pheomelanin than eumelanin. By causing the body to create more pheomelanin instead of eumelanin, patients can experience an overall lighter skin tone.

The Difference in Today’s Skin Brightening Methods

IV Glutathione Injections for skin lightening are very different from the unsafe skin bleaching practices of the past. IV skin lightening is not a quick fix intended to alter the skin’s appearance dramatically, nor does it propagate a colonial mindset that prioritizes lighter skin tones.

Instead, increasing glutathione levels in the body must be a gradual process in order to work successfully. Therefore, Dr. Sethi’s patients may undergo a series of 15 to 30 injections spaced a week or few days apart in between injections.

The final results can be difficult to predict regarding the skin-brightening effect of the treatment. But generally speaking, after about 13 weekly injections, patients’ skin appears brighter and lighter. However, the skin’s brightness will not change their racial appearance. Instead, the results will resemble how their skin would appear by limiting sun exposure.

Unlike the dangerous skin bleaching methods of the past, skin brightening injections use glutathione – a safe antioxidant. Glutathione is also used regularly for other medical situations and carries few risks if clinical protocols are followed. Still, a patient should practice safety by only receiving IV glutathione injections from a licensed professional within a physician’s office.

How IV Glutathione Injections Improve Skin Health

The ultimate goal of IV glutathione is to improve the patient’s skin health. Glutathione is an antioxidant that fights free radical damage, resulting in healthier skin. Studies have shown that glutathione can reduce acne breakouts, improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and reverse sun damage.

Dr. Sethi offers IV glutathione injections in her practice for many reasons, including its usefulness as an adjunctive therapy. Combining skin treatments like micro-needling and Picosure laser with IV skin brightening and Vitamin C can provide beautiful results. This combination can also provide enhanced results faster, as the additional antioxidants will speed up the skin’s collagen-building response.

Finally, Glutathione and vitamin C are beneficial for their detoxification properties. These antioxidants can detoxify the liver and kidneys and are used to replenish liver and kidney health.

To learn more about IV glutathione injections to brighten the skin and improve overall skin health, tune in to season 2, episode 4 of The Skin Report podcast. And tune in next week for more information on the safety of popular lightening and brightening products.