Sculptra® Injections:
Enhancing Facial Volume

45 min duration

Regular Pricing:
Starts at $1000/vial
Pkg of 5: $4500

Beauty Society Pricing:
Single vial: $750
Pkg of 5: $3375/session

Bye Bye Loose Skin Sagging Skin



Sculptra is a natural product derived from beetroots that is strategically injected below the skin or the dermis to stimulate production of collagen. It is THE treatment of choice to build volume and collagen naturally all over the face to plumpen and lift away age related volume loss and sagging. We typically recommend a package of 3 sessions for transformative and longer lasting results.


Sculptra globally addresses loss of volume and skin sagging that is experienced with age or even weight loss. It is safe for all skin types and because it remodels based on your face’s native contour, the results are natural and last for years.

Sculptra Dermal Filler
Pricing & Packages

Regular Pricing

Starts at $1,000/vial

Package of 5 vials: $4,500

Beauty Society Pricing

Single Vial: $750

Package of 5 Vials: $3,375

Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

SCULPTRA (PLLA) is a bio-stimulating treatment. Sculptra works by addressing the underlying cause of aging skin from loss of collagen. Once injected in the face (or buttocks), Sculptra stimulates the natural growth of new collagen. This leads to restoration of facial volume over time and a dramatic improvement of the skin texture. Results are natural and become noticeable after 2-4 sessions (based on individual concerns). The effects of Sculptra can last up to 25 months.

Good candidates for Sculptra should have healthy immune systems and no history of keloid scars. Also, you should not have a medical condition that requires you to take blood thinners.

Your provider at Rejuve Medspa will ensure your treatment will be performed under sterile precautions with the utmost care and comfort using numbing agents and distracting tools. Sculptra is injected in the face under ultrasound guidance (to mitigate potential complications) utilizing microcannula. We make an initial puncture with the trocar needle and use this opening to glide a blunt cannula (similar to IV catheter) to inject the product to the desired areas. After the treatment the client will need to massage the area for five minutes, five times a day for five days. This step is crucial so that biostimulating microparticles get evenly distributed and start stimulating collagen.

You can expect to have mild soreness and swelling at the injection sites for about 1 week until the Sculptra incorporates into the tissues. Bruising can sometimes occur, but the risk is minimized with the use of ultrasound to avoid vessels and with the use of blunt-tip microcannulas for injection.

Subtle results can typically be seen within a month of Sculptra injection. These results will continue to build as new collagen can take up to 6 months to form.

FDA treatment recommended doses come in ranges. If you are a new client, we will start you on the lower end of the therapeutic range and will reassess in two weeks if you would require additional Botox enhancement. Once you are pleased with your outcome, no follow up is needed. However, we will be delighted to meet with you for any questions or concerns.

The SKIN Elevation Method by Dr. Simran Sethi - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Prolong & Protect your Sculptra Results with Medical Grade Skincare

Brightening System - SKIN by Dr. Simran Sethi - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

This effortless 4-step skincare routine shields skin from damaging sun rays and any environmental factors that impede the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. The Brightening System will guarantee & maintain a smooth and uniform skin texture while preserving the results of your treatment.

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