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What is DiamondGlow and how does it work?

DiamondGlow Facial Exfoliates - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty


Diamond - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

To uncover renewed skin

DiamondGlow Facial Extracts - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty


Diamond - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

To deeply cleanse the skin and remove debris from pores

DiamondGlow Facial Infuses Skin - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty


Diamond - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

With nourishing SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums

Diamond Glow by SkinMedica-Allergan is more than a Glow, It’s more than a microdermabrasion. It’s a Skin Transformation. Customized for you. These Diamond tips have your name on them. The precision diamond tips of varying strengths are specifically designed to target the delicate area under the eyes while providing the appropriate level of noninvasive exfoliation for you. Diamond Glow’s 3X1 Technology in one simple step. It Exfoliates, to uncover renewed skin, Extracts to deeply cleanse the skin and remove debris from the pores and Infuses skin with nourishing SkinMedica Pro-Infusion serums. The transformative power of the DiamondGlow microdermabrasion diamond tip and wand works simultaneously.

Diamond Glow treatment @ RenewMD includes: The Face, Neck, Decollete, around the eyes and lips. DiamondGlow® replenishes and transforms the skin when the pores and skin are open and receptive.

SkinMedica Pro-infusion Serum are powerful blends of innovative ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver what your skin needs. TNS Advanced +. HA5 Hyaluronic Acid. Even & Correct Advanced Brightening. Vitamin C. Pore Clarifying

Does the DiamondGlow Facial help treat acne?

SkinMedica’s Patented Pore Clarifying Serum, promotes clearer skin for acne prone skin. It provides immediate relief and long-term results for all skin types and skin tones. In just the first treatment, the pores will be deeply cleansed and begin to clear active breakouts. For those with persistent acne, a doable series of treatments, every 2-4 weeks will regulate oil production, destroy acne-causing bacteria, soothe inflammation, and regulate cell multiplying to prevent clogged pores, which is generally the main cause of acne.

Diamond Glow Facial - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Our 3×1™ technology eliminates time gaps between exfoliation and serum infusion, making this process more effective for you and efficacious for your patient.

Diamond Glow Facial - Before/After - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Does the DiamondGlow Facial treat uneven skin tone, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation?

SkinMedica’s New Patented Even & Correct Advanced Brightening Serum helps significantly to correct the appearance of uneven tone texture and hyperpigmentation. It treats and repairs a dull complexion, discoloration, and photoaging. Diamond Glow facial is able to remove the dead outer protective layer of the skin (dead skin cells) which causes an uneven and weak skin barrier, which can lead to pigmentation production. The DiamondGlow facial is able to penetrate beneath the skin to repair dermal tissue that is lagging in skin renewal.

Get a Diamond File Facial for Signs of Aging

In the treatment process, your provider utilizes a diamond-tipped wand to exfoliate the skin, eliminating dead cells and revealing healthy tissues. Through this scrubbing of the top layer, the procedure resurfaces the skin, diminishing fine lines, and enhancing tone and clarity. SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Patented Growth Factor Technology rejuvenates the skin for anti-aging benefits. DiamondGlow is a great treatment to add to your anti-aging routine. It is more than a microdermabrasion. treatment positively affects and activates the dermis by increasing the amount of collagen, improving and boosting elastin, and fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are important to long-term collagen growth.

Smoother skin and forehead wrinkles

Diamond Glow Facial - Before/After - RenewMD Wellness & Beauty

Femail, Caucasian, age 65, Fitzpatrick skin type II. Unretouched photos. Results after 2 and 5 DiamondGlow® treatments with SkinMedica® TNS® Advanced+ Pro-Infusion Serum administered 2 weeks apart and a curated SkinMedica® skincare regimen. Individual results may vary. Data on file at SkinMedica®.

Additional FAQS

In clinical trials, a series of DiamondGlow® treatments supported with a take-home medical-grade skincare regimen showed significant, visible improvements at 6 weeks and continued improvements at 12 weeks. Medical-grade facials paired with medical-grade active ingredients in skincare really transform skin renewal so it consistently stays strong and does not lose radiance and hydration.
After even a single treatment, your skin will be visibly refined, and polished. Your pore size will appear smaller and your skin should appear healthier and well-hydrated. Effects last up to 2-3 weeks. These treatments are good to do before a big event, as they will make the skin look renewed and fresh. If you are doing these treatments in a series, you should expect to do them about once every 4 weeks. These treatments are safe to do for any age or skin type.

Not at all, in fact, it’s soothing, and hydrating, and though there is suction from the diamond-tip microdermabrasion wand – there is no pain.

We recommend 1-2 treatments per month to see continued improvement and glowing results. We will provide you with a personalized treatment plan.

The DiamondGlow facial is suitable for many! Patients who want to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, age spots, and acne problems with no downtime can try and benefit from DiamondGlow! Anyone with acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, minor creases, dull skin, and big pores will see great results, and healed skin!

However, the treatment is not suited for those who have:

  • Active acne flare-ups
  • Very Sensitive or rosacea skin types
  • Susceptibility to cold sores
Receive 150 Allē points on DiamondGlow® treatments that can be used for future savings on DiamondGlow®, SkinMedica®, and other Allergan Aesthetics in-office treatments/products.

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