Every medical spa clinic or wellness center is required to have an on-site medical director and/or nurse practitioner to best consult clients, new and loyal, on all procedures they are to embark on, ie: injectables, laser hair removal, fat-melting, and other services using medical-grade technology and procedures. Consultations RenewMD, for example, offers *free consultations on all services (with the exception of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, BHRT) with RenewMD’s founder and medical director, Dr. Simran Sethi. “I require clients to book consultations before every new procedure they want to try just to make sure that is the right treatment for their goals and that they are comfortable with their decision. This is a great opportunity to ask as many questions to better guide their decision.” Dr. Sethi has been practicing medicine for over fourteen years as an internist Internal Medicine doctor. Her decision to open RenewMD came from a long-standing vision to create an environment where people could have beauty and wellness under one roof, where people feel empowered by decisions they have made for themselves to better their health and to feel good within their skin.

“At the end of the day, our patients want someone they can trust, and we want to be honest with them and for them to feel safe”

says Dr. Sethi. “ If for some reason, the treatment(s) they have in mind seems, from a medical standpoint, unsafe or just unsuitable, I will be upfront about it. It’s important to be there for your patients and to respect their vision and circumstances.” Consultations In today’s world, social media and celebrity culture run rampant. People of all backgrounds are looking at themselves in vastly different ways than times prior. The idea(s) of beauty are evolving so frequently and so is the technology that generates tangible and real results for almost anyone in the forms of cosmetics, and especially, medically-facilitated aesthetic treatments. With all of this at our fingertips – how does one know who and what to trust? The best way is to book a free consultation; get a feel for the environment, how much information is provided for you, and if you walk out with the same perspective as when you walked in.

The best thing to do before and for your consultation is to come prepared with:

  • Questions about the treatment(s) you are interested in
  • Information about these treatment(s) to check the validity of your doctor; the internet is an endless source of information (real and false)
  • Photos or inspiration (your visual and aesthetic goal) to help guide the discussion with the medical doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Your medical history (RenewMD requests to fill out a ‘new patient intake’ form for all new patients/clients)
  • An open mind. Be prepared to hear that your goal may not be reached overnight, for example: Injectables create instant results, but there may be bruising and some getting used to your new and enhanced feature(s), or, if you’re seeking a weight management plan – know that it truly is a body and mind journey you will be sharing with your medical doctor at the spa.

The great perk about consultations is that it gives you, the client, the power to oversee your goals and how you want to look and feel. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know the medical doctor and to possibly establish a trusting relationship. The other perk is that you’re sitting one-on-one with a medical expert (in this case, Dr. Sethi) for free, who will do the best she or he can to turn your goals into reality. Next time you come across a sign that says “book a free consultation – especially with Dr. Simran Sethi”, you are highly encouraged to do so. Book a free consultation (especially) with Dr. Simran Sethi today by: Calling: 916-414-9958 *All consultations are complimentary with the exception of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy consultations.