In this blog, we’ll cover episodes on:

  • Skincare science basics
  • How to care for skin of color
  • All about the skincare industry
  • Popular beauty trends

As the Skin Report podcast’s first season comes to a close, let’s look back on some of the most popular topics we’ve covered before we delve into season two!

On The Skin Report podcast, Dr. Simran Sethi, an Internal Medicine doctor and Founder of RenewMD medical spas and Skin by Dr. Sethi shares her professional insights on skincare basics, beauty trends, and science-backed skin health facts.

The Science Behind Your Skin

The Skin Report podcast aims to help all listeners care for and rejuvenate their skin. For skincare beginners, the show provides several episodes dedicated to the basics of skincare and health so anyone can get started on their journey!

Skincare Basics

Skincare isn’t a cut-and-dry process for everyone, and there are essential factors to consider when choosing the best care techniques for your skin.

On Episode 5, Dr. Sethi explains how skin type and skin tone are important factors to consider when figuring out an ideal treatment for your skin. This episode also teaches listeners how to determine their skin type, which will help as they form their skincare routine!

Age and gender can also influence the types of ingredients and care techniques that will benefit our skin. Dr. Sethi addresses these aspects in Episode 3: Skincare for Every Age and Episode 37: Skincare Basics for Men, so all listeners can gain the best tips and tricks for their skin types.

Choosing a skincare routine may feel daunting for beginners, but in Episode 6: The 4 Steps of a Great Skincare Routine, listeners learn how to apply the proper steps and ingredients for a beginner’s skincare routine that will provide real results!

Actions and Ingredients that Influence Our Skin

Skin type and tone aren’t the only things determining skin health, as both internal and external factors can influence the look and feel of our skin.

On Episode 27 and Episode 28, Dr. Sethi does a deep dive into how certain foods and nutritional aspects contribute to our skin’s health. She discusses this further in Episode 34, where she explains how specific diets can affect the skin and that maintaining a well-balanced diet is vital.

Of course, topical products and skincare ingredients can also impact the skin’s appearance, texture, and overall well-being. In Season One, listeners can learn about common skincare ingredients and methods, like different types of exfoliants in Episode 14 and the ins and outs of Retinol in Episode 32.

While some ingredients get a spotlight on skincare ads and product labels, they may not be helpful for all skin types. For example, in Episode 15 Dr. Sethi discusses the proper use of coconut oil in skincare. She also provides her expert opinion on chemical vs. mineral sunscreens in Episode 9, so listeners can choose the best product for their sun safety!

Tackling Skin Conditions

Sometimes, our skin can change under certain conditions like a new environment, pregnancy and more.

This typically requires extra care and attention to treat them properly.

Dr. Sethi helps listeners address common skin concerns throughout the season, covering topics like adult acne in Episode 4 to hair loss in Episode 30 and Episode 31!

Another important takeaway from Season 1 of the podcast was the significance of hormonal fluctuations regarding skin health. Situations and health conditions that alter our hormones can greatly impact our skin, and Dr. Sethi explains more on this topic in Episode 16: Pregnancy Skin. She also addresses a common concern associated with pregnancy in Episode 39: Stretch Mark Skincare!

Caring for Skin of Color

As mentioned, our skin type and tone are important for choosing the right skincare treatments and methods. The Skin Report is dedicated to providing insights and information on skincare for all listeners, especially people of color. But who falls under this category, and what do they need to know to care for their skin successfully?

Skin of Color and Skincare Inclusivity

On Episode 17: Defining People of Color, Dr. Sethi discusses the differences in skin tone and type for people of color and explains the importance of these aspects for proper care.

Unfortunately, the beauty industry has a history of failing to provide proper research and products for treating darker skin types. To learn more about the history of the beauty industry and skin of color, listen to Episode 1: Exclusive Past, Inclusive Future.

Dr. Sethi expands on the skincare industry’s exclusion of people of color in Episode 18: The Skincare Industry: What’s Not Working. Here she provides her thoughts on how the industry can be improved to better serve its consumers – especially those with darker skin tones.

Skin tone should always be taken into account when deciding the best skincare techniques.

This is because the skin cells of darker skin tones produce greater amounts of melanin. People of color can thank these cells for their beautiful and rich skin tones. However, melanated skin can experience hyperpigmentation and other side effects when treated with harsh ingredients.

Melanin and the Skin

Fortunately, people of color can learn more about how their melanin impacts the skin in Episode 2, so they can find the most nurturing products and techniques to enhance their beauty! Dr. Sethi even breaks down the most common skin issues for people of color in Episode 19 and how they can treat these concerns using safe methods for melanated skin. Episode 7 and Episode 20 also provide information on skin treatments for safely and effectively treating skin of color!

Another common skin issue for people of color is melasma – and this topic took more than one episode to cover!

Dr. Sethi provides an in-depth look at melasma and how skin with melasma reacts differently to skincare products, treatments, and ingredients. Listen to Episode 21 through 24 to learn all about how this condition affects the skin and how certain treatment methods can help rejuvenate and renew skin with melasma.

Medical Formulations and Medi Spa Locations

The skincare products that we use to treat and nourish our skin are all brought to us by the beauty industry.

So how do skincare products make the transition from the lab to the store shelves?

Dr. Sethi believes transparency is essential for consumers to make smart decisions. Listen to Episode 12 to learn more about the ingredients that go into skincare products, the role of the FDA in the beauty industry, and what qualifies as a medical-grade formulation. In Episode 13 she provides a rundown on medical spas and what to look for in an aesthetic treatment provider.

Beauty Trends, Aesthetic Procedures, and Seasonal Skincare

Skincare has picked up in popularity in recent years, sparking new conversations about the latest products, trendiest techniques, and hottest procedures. Of course, the ever-changing landscape of skincare and beauty can involve a lot of different topics, but The Skin Report covered a lot of ground in its first season – and is just getting started!

Trends: New and Old

Some skincare fads are up-and-coming, while other treatment trends have existed for decades.

Episode 25: Skin Cycling covers the skincare craze that was popularized on for you pages everywhere and breaks down whether this practice is healthy – or hurtful.

On the other hand, Episode 26 covers a longstanding technique among beauty treatments, Botox. Listeners can get the real scoop on the history of Botox, how long it lasts, and how it works in the body to provide a youthful skin appearance.

Skincare Through the Year

Practicing seasonal skin care routines can help us maintain gorgeous skin all year long! The Skin Report helps listeners get prepped for the temperature, humidity, and other environmental changes that come with new seasons. On Episode 33, Dr. Sethi shares her advice for creating a nurturing winter skincare routine, and Episode 29 dives into the hottest holiday gifts for winter skincare this past season! And when the sun comes out, don’t forget to check out Episode 8 to prepare your skin for the summer fun.

While some techniques are everyday skin care practices, others can be used to prepare for upcoming occasions.

And for those special occasions, Episode 10: Wedding Prep Timeline teaches listeners how they can prepare their skin to treat conditions like skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, and acne. Wedding season prep continues in Episode 11, where listeners can learn all about different aesthetic procedures to achieve a sculpted body for their big day!

All About Aesthetic Procedures

Many aesthetic procedures can achieve beautiful results without going under the knife.

But still, there’s a lot you should know about them before deciding whether they are right for you. The Skin Report covered several popular treatments, including body-contouring procedures in Episode 35 and the Brazilian Butt Lift in Episode 36. Finally, she discusses lip fillers in Episode 38, providing all the information people need to decide whether to plump their pout or wait it out.

Tune in to Episode 40 of The Skin Report, where Dr. Sethi wraps up season one and discusses the all-new episodes of the podcast coming this month!