Whether you’re preparing to be a radiant bride, a handsome groom, or a guest of honor– weddings are a prime example of an event where you want to look and feel your absolute best. Fortunately, prepping your skin ahead of time can allow you to address your skin concerns so you can exude confidence on your big day.

However, some treatments may be better for your specific skin type and tone than others. So, in the weeks leading up to the occasion, how can you ensure that your skin looks and feels beautiful?

This week on The Skin Report podcast, Dr. Sethi shares her insight on the best skin care practices to prepare for an important event. As an Internal Medicine doctor and Founder and Medical Director of RenewMD medical spas in California, Dr. Sethi is an expert in treating skin so it glows from the inside out.

6 Months Before the Big Day

Starting six months before your wedding day or important event is the perfect time to start customizing your skincare routine and treatments with the help of a medical expert.

Find an aesthetic provider and create a treatment plan – Research medical spas and aesthetic providers to find a professional who can guide you throughout the treatment process. Forming a relationship with them early will give them enough time to get to know your skin and help you develop a treatment plan based on your goals.

Revamp your skincare to address your concerns – Consult with a medical aesthetics physician to find skincare products for your concerns. These products may include specific ingredient concentrations like with Retinol, which increases skin cell turnover, to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and acne.

Start early or skip the injectables – Injectables like Botox or fillers can provide noticeable changes to the face and take time to wear off. Therefore it is a good idea to try these treatments six months before your big day.

4 – 6 Months Before Your Big Day

Four to six months out is the perfect time to undergo skincare treatments. Trying a new treatment may cause unintended effects, so it is best to start new skincare methods early. This way, if you are unhappy with your results, you have time to explore other care options so your skin can reach its prime condition before your big day!

Try skin resurfacing for texture and tone – Skin resurfacing treatments can treat skin insults like scarring, dark spots, and uneven tone. One resurfacing method is the Picosure laser, which treats the deepest skin layer to stimulate collagen production, and is safe for all skin tones and ethnicities.

Take time when trying new treatments, even facials – Even trying new milder treatments, like facials, should be avoided in the months before your event, as they may cause unwanted effects. However, if you have had a facial before and are knowledgeable about its impact on your skin, getting one would be safe up to one week before your big day.

Incorporate hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin – Hyaluronic acid (HA) works to help protect the skin’s moisture. This low-risk ingredient can leave your skin looking dewy and vibrant in your event photos!

Consider skin care products with AHA or BHA – Products with ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) can exfoliate the upper layer of your skin to create a clearer and more even-toned appearance.

On the podcast, Dr. Sethi shares her advice on safely using products with AHA and BHA to treat more melanated skin tones!

1 Week Before Your Big Day

It’s one week before your big event, and the excitement is building. Events like weddings often involve makeup, pictures, and various activities you can prepare your skin for.

One last facial – A week before the special day should be your last opportunity to receive a facial. To reduce the chances of skin irritation, avoid trying new facial treatments or ones involving harsh chemicals.

Prioritize hydration and low-strength exfoliation – Low-strength chemical peels or microdermabrasion can treat less-noticeable insults and prepare skin for deeper hydration. Hydrating skin will help it glow and minimize the appearance of fine lines under makeup.

Get a facial massage – Facial massages boost circulation and reduce facial puffiness. Getting a facial massage a week before your event can sculpt your muscle and skin to appear more elegant and defined.

The Morning Of Your Big Day

Rise and shine, your big day has finally arrived! To help our skin look great and feel comfortable under makeup and in the bright lights of camera flashes, maintaining skin hydration is key.

Stay hydrated on the inside… – Show off a beautiful glow on your special day by keeping your skin and body hydrated. Hydrated skin helps makeup look nicer throughout the day, so drink lots of water and avoid high-salt foods as early as two days before your event!

…and hydrated the outside – Remember to apply a layer of hyaluronic acid above your moisturizer before applying makeup. Hyaluronic acid will lock moisturizer into your skin to keep it from evaporating over time.

Skincare Tips and Tricks

Preparing for a big event can be stressful, and prioritizing your mental and physical health is essential. Maintaining healthy practices like eating balanced meals and getting enough sleep will help you feel beautiful and confident on your big day or any day.

For more skincare tips for every occasion, skin tone, and lifestyle, listen to The Skin Report podcast, where Dr. Sethi shares the valuable skincare secrets to looking and feeling your best.