Fat Melting Made Easy with SculpSure

Laser fat loss with SculpSure is a revolutionary method (and FDA-cleared) for body sculpting and fat loss. SculpSure boosts and energizes the fat melting process on various sized areas of the body, especially for stubborn fat that just won’t budge.

What is Sculpsure and How Does it Melt Fat?

SculpSure is an FDA-approved body sculpting and fat-loss technology that directly targets fat cells in 25 minute sessions (performed at medical spas only). light wavelengths are customized to penetrate layers of skin to reach the fat cells underneath. The SculpSure laser passes through skin cells, and though they may be partially affected, this is a good thing; the energy distributed by the laser is what stimulates collagen production. What happens to the fat cells? This is how SculpSure outdoes many other toning procedures: the cells are eliminated. Light is energy, and when that energy is focused on fat cells, they heat up to reach a specific temperature, and the cells become unstable and break apart. Your body then naturally eliminates these dead fat cells through the body’s lymphatic system. These fat cells do not regenerate, and there will be fewer cells in total, therefore fewer places for your body to store the fat. Because the lasers are set on a wavelength to target only the fat cells, your other tissues remain unaffected.

Is the Fat Gone for Good and How?

SculpSure does permanently remove fat cells! During the 25 minutes treatment of Sculpsure, up to 25% of fat cells are targeted by heated light based lasers. The damaged cells are gradually removed by the body’s inflammatory process and metabolic pathways, also known as the lymphatic system. The SculpSure treatment has a dual stage process of heating:

  1. the build phase, where the target tissue is brought up from normal body temperature between 107-117 degrees fahrenheit in the first 4 minutes of treatment
  2. the sustain phase, where controlled energy modulation maintains the temperature increase for another 21 minutes.

During this entire process, Dynamic Contact Cooling™ is used throughout the treatment to provide necessary protection to the surface of the skin so there is no burning, bruising, or any other uncomfortable side effects.

Is Laser Fat Loss Faster?

SculpSure laser fat melting can be fast depending on your body type and which area(s) you are trying to target for fat loss and sculpting. Some individuals see results within two sessions, and some see results within 3-5 sessions. At RenewMD, we require in-depth consults to evaluate your goals and current body type.

What Does SculpSure Feel Like?

Laser fat melting generally has a warm sensation. When we use Sculpsure, the warmer sensations are balanced with a cooling effect so the treatment is comfortable for the client. Laser fat removal and liposuction is designed to specifically be a painless and non-invasive treatment. It is a safer alternative to traditional surgical liposuction.

SculpSure Doesn’t Work Alone

Don’t let this discourage you! This is just a disclaimer because a good provider wants to ensure successful treatments that are right for you and your body! Fat loss by way of SculpSure and overall fat loss can be successfully achieved if you are following a lifestyle that sustains and boosts the efforts you’re making for your body! We recommend lots of hydration, weight training, low-impact exercises and a well-balanced food intake for even better, and quicker results.

Who Should Avoid SculpSure (for now!)

  • Excess Fat Sculpsure specifically, is not ideal for individuals with a BMI greater 30, because SculpSure works best for spot reduction. Keep in mind, however, that BMI does not take into account muscle, and muscle is heavier than fat. A consult is always required before any laser fat melting treatment to evaluate efficient treatment.
  • Pregnancy It is also advised to NOT try Sculpsure or any other fat melting treatment during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Also, if you have a condition that you are unaware of or are experiencing symptoms that may need medical attention, PLEASE seek medical attention first and foremost before trying any treatments, including noninvasive treatments.
  • Tattoo(s) on the treatment area If the tattoo has a metallic ink (something that can be composed within the ink itself) – this will potentially conduct the laser’s energy and may cause burns. An alternative to laser fat melting in this scenario would be Coolsculpting or I-Lipo and ultrasonic cavitation.

Boosting SculpSure Treatments

Sculpsure does not work alone. In order to see the best results, we recommend maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle. SculpSure is not only a BOOST in fat melting, it is also more effective when paired with:

  1. Exercise (whatever you choose, just move everyday if you can!)
  2. A balanced diet of digestible and lean protein and gentle and highly nutritious vegetables and healthy fats
  3. Staying hydrated! Water is life!
  4. Supplements for better bone health, healthy liver and kidneys, better circulation, balanced cortisol, hormones, and more!

Is SculpSure Weight Loss?

SculpSure and other laser fat melting treatments target areas where there is stubborn and/or excess fat. Fat, muscle, water weight and bone density all make up our collective weight. When fat cells are melted, then excess weight is shed as well.

Does Sculpsure Tone the Body?

Yes! Sculpsure actually tones the body! Unlike traditional and invasive liposuction, Sculpsure has an over 90% success rate in skin tightening and firming as a side effect of treatments! Please remember however, that though firming and tightening are added results, Sculpsure is a fat melting laser treatment first and foremost; the boost of firm and toned skin certainly makes it even better! Watch how SculpSure works HERE! Book your SculpSure appointment at either of our two RenewMD locations HERE.