RenewMD Launch On August 2nd, 2018, Dr. Simran Sethi and the RenewMD team welcomed the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and other distinguished guests for a ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the official launch of the RenewMD Medical Spa and brand. RenewMD’s vision is to promote wellness, beauty, and vitality within the city of Fremont. Dr. Sethi and her team specialize in innovative, holistic care and luxury-grade aesthetics. The menu of services contains a wide range of advanced and cutting edge preventative and healing treatments and technologies, such as Halotherapy (salt therapy), bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and an in-house botanical and clinical-grade skincare collection, RenewMD SKIN. RenewMD Launch RenewMD, Fremont Laser Med Spa, has created an environment in which clients feel utmost convenience with exclusive and unique support, care and treatment. “I am elated by meeting so many people who are interested in and share our vision and belief system that beauty and wellness truly start from within and that as individuals, we hold the key to feel and look our optimal selves,” says Dr. Sethi. The state of health, wellness and beauty are constantly evolving. Dr. Sethi and team are excited to always stay current so that they can offer their clients as many solutions as possible. Some of the more exciting offerings Renew MD has introduced include Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) to treat chronic lung and skin conditions like asthma, allergies, chronic sinusitis, and eczema. Halotherapy is additionally a great way to just relax and clear out your airway. Finally, Renew MD is the only salt room in the Bay Area that is open 5 days a week with extended hours. ###