Avoid Itchy Skin, Inflammation and Weak Immunity with These Steps!

Wear Sun Protection Technically, we should wear sunscreen at all times, even at night. Sun block is an incredible source of protection from free -radicals which damage the growth, development and survival of cells in the body – and your skin is the entry to your ENTIRE body! Stay Hydrated Drinking water PROTECTS your lungs for best function – no matter what the air quality is. Water improves the mucous lining of your lungs from getting thick. If you’re not hydrated, the lungs have to work harder to swap oxygen for carbon dioxide. Water is KEY for overall immunity (and beauty). Wear a Mask at All Times Chances are, you already do, and that is awesome! Invest in a mask that has a strong barrier so you’re not easily inhaling smoke and other debris from the environment. Protecting your respiratory system is the theme of the year! Moisturize Protect your skin – it is the gateway INTO your entire body! Creating a strong barrier between the environment and your skin is essential at all times. Use products that contain antioxidants, vitamins, skin-friendly minerals, and more. SMART Nutrients Since your skin is the gateway to your whole body – ensure strong nutrients into your diet and wellness. Food or supplements – they both work. Up your Vitamin B, C & D. Eat Omega 3’s. Read about the power of vegetables and chlorophyll for optimized oxygen flow and healthy blood. Stay Indoors If you’re able to – please stay indoors and make sure your HVAC filters are clean so indoor air is filtered well. Stay safe and healthy by incorporating a flow of movement for your body and eating healthy foods (mostly veggies, fresh or frozen). Make your home or office your haven if you’re able to <3