Body sculpting has always been one of our most sought-after treatments at RenewMD Beauty and Wellness, but since this pandemic hit us, it’s actually become so frequently requested, that we have diversified our body-sculpting menu to fit all your body-sculpting needs.

The most important key points that define a successful body sculpting treatment are:

  • Permanent fat reduction
  • Quick and safe results
  • Skin tightening, firming

While the SculpSure warm sculpting LASER is an excellent solution for permanent reduction of larger areas of stubborn fat (such as the abdomen, back, and outer thighs) – there are some body parts that are better treated with a modality that contours with a combination of fat destruction and skin tightening. The FlexSure RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) platform has become a game-changer for permanent sculpting in difficult-to-treat areas like arms and inner thighs, which do best with a device that hugs and curves around the treated area for optimal comfort and effectiveness.

FlexSure emits a radio frequency heat that breaks down fat cells, similar to how the SculpSure laser works, but FlexSure has the added benefit of also inducing skin tightening. Body parts like the inner thighs and arms are a perfect example of areas that need a ‘double dose’ of fat destruction and skin tightening. These areas tend to have more skin laxity (loose skin) than other body parts, which is why they tend to be much more difficult to see results with just fat destruction. The FlexSure applicator can be used on all skin types. It uses a peel-and-stick applicator to wrap around the body in areas with more skin laxity to provide deep tissue heating using radio frequency energy. FlexSure body contouring system wraps around the treatment area to uniformly deliver heat to subcutaneous fat tissue, while also inducing skin remodeling with no pain at all. This method doesn’t have a BMI restriction and can be used regardless of your current weight.

Are results permanent?

Fat destruction with FlexSure is permanent. While body tightening is also relatively permanent, our ability to build elastin and collagen reduces with every year of life, so we advise considering a maintenance body tightening treatment with FlexSure every 6 to 12 months to maintain optimal results. Just like working out, or maintaining a chosen lifestyle, we recommend giving your body and skin some maintenance love and care as well.

Does FlexSure hurt?

It feels like a comfortable hot stone massage. Flexsure is a 15-minute treatment that does not require any anesthesia or local numbing. It’s a nice in-and-out treatment for you and if you value your time, Flexsure is for you! Contact us for an appointment to learn more about Flexsure.

How many FlexSure treatments do I need to see results?

Clinical trials on FlexSure have shown optimal results after 5 treatments. The treatments sessions can be spaced 2 weeks apart and can also be combined with SculpSure treatments if necessary, and if you would like added sculpting and fat reduction.

What is the difference between FlexSure and SculpSure?

SculpSure primarily causes fat destruction in larger areas of the body where fat breakage is the main goal. It is one of your body contouring treatments. FlexSure, on the other hand, better targets smaller areas of the body where a combination of skin tightening and fat breakage are needed for visible volume reduction. FlexSure is also able to wrap around the areas for added targeting and tightening.

Which areas of the body does FlexSure work best on?

While any part of the body can be treated with FlexSure, in our experience and lengthy research, we recommend that the arms, inner thighs, back of the thighs, and even around the knees/thighs are optimal targets for FlexSure. These areas tend to have more loose skin and ripples/ridges which will greatly benefit from skin remodeling, collagen, and elastin building, which results in skin tightening.

FlexSure is an ideal combination of permanent fat destruction and skin tightening, which is essential to obtaining visible volume reduction in certain parts of the body. By offering FlexSure, we can solve one of the most common issues with permanent fat destruction, which is leftover skin laxity, or loose skin. FlexSure can combine low volume fat destruction and high intensity skin tightening to provide an optimally contoured and tightened body.

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