Glutathione combined with Vitamin C is a potent infusion of antioxidants and when combined together, create scientifically shown multi-benefits for the skin, body and brain.

What are the benefits of Glutathione and Vitamin C IV therapy?

Glutathione is commonly known as the mother of all antioxidants. It is composed of three essential amino acids that attack free radicals (glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid). A Glutathione Intravenous (IV) treatment helps your liver detoxify harmful chemicals by binding to the toxins and safely eliminating them through your system. For skin lightening treatments and brightening –Glutathione prevents the activation of Tyrosinase (the first step in melanin production) by reducing free radicals in the body that can activate it and cause an increase in melanin production. Glutathione’s protective and proactive properties help the skin renew itself, and allows the body to work optimally.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) plays a huge role in collagen production making vitamin C essential for skin health. Vitamin C has free radical fighting powers that prevent the skin from premature aging and absorbing free radicals. Intravenous Vitamin C when taken in an IV infusion, the high dose of Vitamin C is doubly beneficial because the added fluids in an IV serve to hydrate the skin and improve the absorption of Vitamin C. In addition, Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant for the immune system and overall cellular function.

Can you mix Glutathione and Vitamin C in an IV?

Glutathione and Vitamin C synergistically replenish and recycle each other, delivering enhanced benefits when administered through IV therapy or oral supplements. Together, they neutralize free radicals, a significant contributor to premature cellular death and disease, further reinforcing their positive impact.

What are the skin and beauty benefits of Glutathione and Vitamin C IV Therapy?

Glutathione combined with Vitamin C not only perform beautifying benefits because of their combined ability to strengthen and replenish the body’s cellular function, which also directly aids in the skin’s renewal and cell turnover itself. When your body is functioning optimally with rich and necessary nutrients, such as Glutathione and Vitamin C – your skin will be one of the first organs to be renewed. Here are just some of the skin benefits of Glutathione and Vitamin C IV therapy:

  • Wound Healing, scar lightening
  • Dark spots and hyperpigmentation fading
  • Fights oxidative stress from internal and external free radicals
  • Blocks the formation of Tyrosinase, which is the first step in extra melanin production
  • Replenishes collagen so the skin remains smooth, strong, firm, and glowing
  • Continuously promotes skin cell regeneration so the skin self-heals, does not scar, does not produce dark spots and hyperpigmentation, does not produce excess sebum or clog pores, and upholds a strong skin barrier
  • Skin brightening and lightening – though Glutathione and Vitamin C infusion can not perform SPOT TREATMENT – this combination does promote strong skin cell renewal, which naturally aids and promotes brighter, luminous skin while also lightening dark spots and healing hyperpigmentation

How long should I do Glutathione and Vitamin C IV Therapy to see results?

Each individual responds uniquely to any medical aesthetic and health regime. It is recommended to do weekly sessions of Glutathione and Vitamin C for 3-5 months to see and notice optimal results. A maintenance program is recommended, and is safe for ongoing use and benefits, much like taking a potent dose of vitamins every 2-3 weeks but through an IV.

There are many factors, however, which will influence and hinder your outcome from Glutathione and vitamin C Benefits, such as:

  • Smoking
  • Sun exposure (not wearing a full spectrum sunblock)
  • Your genetics and ethnicity (the amount of melanin in the epidermis)
  • Other lifestyle factors; diet, etc.
  • The skincare being used (if you are doing IV therapy for solely skin benefits)

What are the other benefits of Glutathione and Vitamin C for clarity, energy, focus and body?

Most vitamins and antioxidants should generally perform multi-benefits for the body, which may also include benefits for the mind and body. Glutathione and Vitamin C also provide benefits such as:

  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Heal and aid psoriasis
  • Reduces cell damage (in alcoholic and nonalcoholic) fatty liver disease
  • Improves insulin resistance
  • Increases mobility for people with peripheral artery disease (plaque clogging in arteries)
  • Fights against autoimmune disease
  • Improves mood, cognitive function, alertness and energy

Why is Glutathione + Vitamin C IV better than pills?

Oral Glutathione is rendered ineffective by stomach acids that break down the peptide bonds that hold the amino acids in glutathione together. A Glutathione and Vitamin C IV therapy is a more efficient way to deliver both antioxidants’ powerful potency to the cells of the body via the bloodstream.

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