Special events often involve dressing up, taking photos, and making memories with loved ones. These occasions sometimes make us feel overly conscious of how we look. It is all too normal to wish our clothing fit differently or that we had stayed more active to achieve a perfect body before a big event.

Of course, there is no “perfect body,” and all bodies are beautiful. However, there are methods you can take to help you target your stubborn areas of fat and sculpt your figure so that you can feel contoured and confident on your big day.

On The Skin Report Podcast, host Dr. Sethi introduces listeners to the world of body sculpting, including nonsurgical procedures. Traditional approaches involve surgery, such as liposuction, while nonsurgical methods can achieve similar results through safer and less-expensive treatments.

Read on to learn Dr. Sethi’s insight on these body sculpting treatments, so you can determine the right option to prepare your body for your big day.

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting or body contouring is the process of reshaping a person’s body for aesthetic purposes. Generally, traditional body sculpting is performed under anesthesia, using operational plastic surgery. However, nonsurgical body sculpting uses less invasive methods to sculpt the body and achieve similar results–often, with higher success rates.

These treatments do not remove every single fat cell under your skin. Instead, they can be helpful for people who have made healthy lifestyle changes to improve their appearance but wish to target areas with stubborn fat. People who have adjusted their lifestyles this way are also more likely to maintain their results after their body sculpting procedure.

A medical aesthetics provider can help you develop a treatment plan and determine the key lifestyle choices to make during and after your treatments so you can achieve your best results. But for now, let’s look at the different types of nonsurgical body sculpting so that you can get the facts on each of these methods.

Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

Nonsurgical body sculpting treatments can target stubborn fat and do not involve going “under the knife” as traditionally body sculpting methods would.


  • These treatments may be an ideal option for “spot reduction” purposes for people who want to target stubborn fat in a certain area.
  • Nonsurgical body sculpting is generally a safer option, as it involves fewer risks and less post-treatment downtime.
  • They involve a lower likelihood of scarring or infection that would be present with surgical body sculpting.
  • This is a more economical choice when compared to surgical treatments.


  • Nonsurgical treatments require several treatments to see the best results. If you are interested in nonsurgical body sculpting in preparation for a special day, you should start your treatments at least six months in advance. Additionally, you may need a few extra follow-up treatments to get even more reduction.
  • These treatments are not recommended as replacements for surgical body sculpting for individuals with a BMI of 40 or higher.

Types of Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

Sculpsure is a safe, FDA-approved treatment that uses a laser to melt fat cells in 25-minute sessions. The laser can break down fat cells to dissipate them – permanently!

Emsculpt Neo:
Emsculpt Neo is another FDA-cleared treatment that utilizes electromagnetic energy and radio frequency technology to engage the underlying muscles. It reduces and melts fat while building and defining muscle!

FlexSure uses a peel and stick applicator to wrap around the body in areas with more skin laxity to provide deep, even tissue heating using radio frequency. This method doesn’t have a BMI restriction and can be used regardless of your current weight.

Choosing the Best Option for You

As stated previously, you and your medical aesthetics provider should work together to create a body sculpting plan that can help you achieve your ideal results in time for your next important event.

Sculpsure, Emsculpt Neo, and FlexSure are the three most common and safest non-surgical treatments in the medical aesthetics market. These methods can even be combined to safely target fat in specific areas. They are also used at RenewMD, where Dr. Sethi trusts these methods to help her patients achieve their ideal results.

Listen to The Skin Report podcast to hear more about these nonsurgical sculpting methods and how they work, so you can decide if and which body sculpting treatment is right for your next event!