How pollution and smoke are hurting your skin

Pollution is the lesser-known evil when it comes to skincare, however, the free radical damage, if not detected, can be irreparable to your skin and lungs. In the times we’re in, with the change in climate and the vast wildfires, we must become in tune with how this impacts our health. What is free radical damage? Put simply, free radicals are unstable lonely electrons that are actively looking to become a pair with another electron, and in the process of scavenging for other electrons to pair with, free radicals cause damage to human tissue. Air pollution (which is bad in all forms), mainly results in damage to the airway (lungs) and skin. How to protect the skin from pollution damage Protection from pollution is essential at all times, not only when air quality is poor, because we are always exposed to some level of pollution damage. Always. The proprietary antioxidant Lipochroman in our HA Firm and Boost has been shown to deactivate free radicals at a molecular level and visibly reverse signs of skin aging from pollution and UV damage. Additionally, it also protects the skin from harmful Blue light (High Energy Visible light, HEV) that is emitted from indoor lighting, smartphones, and computer screens. Apply HA + Firming Boost boost twice a day ON TOP of your serums or moisturizers but UNDER your sunblock to get maximal pollution, HEV, and UV protection. Read more about how to properly apply Hyaluronic Acid HERE.