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Medical aesthetic skin and body treatments for all skin tones.

RenewMD is the only MedSpa in the Bay Area with aesthetic
and skincare treatments specifically for darker skin tones.

RenewMD is the Premier Beauty & Wellness Center in Stockton, Ca
Real Clients.
Real Results.



Medical aesthetic skin and body treatments for all skin tones.

RenewMD is the only MedSpa in the Bay Area with aesthetic and skincare treatments specifically for darker skin tones.

Stockton Medical Spa & Skin Care Clinic
The Best Medical Spa in Stockton, CA 95219


At RenewMD Stockton, we customize your medical aesthetic treatments and skincare plans to keep your beauty goals and skin tone in mind – always.

Gain Confidence - RenewMD


RenewMD treatments help you embrace your natural beauty, so you can step out with a new “watch out, world!” level of confidence.

Stop the Endless Search - RenewMD


If you’ve been told there’s nothing out there for your skin, we’re here to set the record straight. our technology is safe to use on melanated skin, helping you achieve your long-awaited skin goals.

Get Your Glow Back - RenewMD


Our treatments will help tighten your pores, reduce fine lines, and minimize scars. Together, we’ll make sure your skin is clear, so you no longer feel as though you need to cover it up.

Most medspas don’t know how melanin works – but we do.

How many times have you been told there isn’t a treatment out there for your skin?

You see, typical medspas don’t have experience working with melanated skin, using lasers and solutions that can leave your skin more damaged than before.

So if you’re at your wit’s end, feeling as though you’re stuck with your current skin issues…we get it.

Our own Dr. Sethi was told repeatedly that her problems were simply “something to live with” – there weren’t treatments to target her specific concerns. Instead of settling, she took matters into her own hands, developing treatments for people of color who struggle with problems such as acne, dark spots, and dryness.

She set out to change that after proving she could get the results she desired – and she did.

At RenewMD, you’ll get the same results.  We’ve helped hundreds of Stockton residents achieve beautiful skin.  Call us today to see how we can help you.

With RenewMD, you’ll have access to safe, effective treatments with minimal to no recovery needed

Get the education and science backed advice you need to make informed decisions regarding your skin tone and type

No longer leave a medpsa being undiagnosed, misled, turned away, or oversold, as you’re receiving treatment made specifically for your unique skin

Feel excited about the big moments in your life, knowing you’ll show up with confidence thanks to your now-radiant skin

Consider us your skincare partners for life


Book a Consultation

We’ll sit down with you to learn more about your skin and body goals, and discuss the treatments we recommend for your skin tone and type.


Personalized Treatment Plan

With various solutions to choose from, we’ll work one step at a time to give you the healthy, radiant skin you’ve always wanted.


Love your skin again

Our follow-up appointments will allow you to maintain your glowing skin, so you never lose the confidence you felt when you first stepped out of our office.

Dr. Sethi and the RenewMD team bring 17+ years of medical aesthetic experience to the table.

At RenewMD we focus on treating and helping people of all ages and skin tones. We ensure our products and bodysculpting treatments work safely on darker skin tones and have experience in creating beautiful results.

Dr. Simran Sethi - RenewMD


A Key Opinion Leader at one of the world’s most reputable aesthetic medical device company


Dr. Sethi has treated more than 14,000 woman with darker skin (and counting) inside her medical aesthetics spa.


Dr. Sethi is Founder and Medical Director for RenewMD medicals spas and her own skincare line, Skin by Dr. Simran Sethi.


Dr. Sethi’s vast aesthetic and beauty advice has been featured in publications such as the Well + Good, The Coveteur, Martha Stewart Living, Dermstore, and more.

14,000+ people helped — and counting

Join them in celebrating their results with RenewMD’s medical-grade treatments for both skin and body.

Real clients. Real Reviews.

“It changed my life in the way I look at myself and the way my self esteem is, and because the products work…”

- Sheena, Picosure for Melasma
Real Clients.
Real Results.


You deserve to love the skin and body you’re in

You’ve struggled to find medical aesthetic treatments that actually provide results – but all you want is to look as good as you feel.

Unfortunately, most medspa solutions aren’t made for melanated skin, pressuring you into treatments that don’t address your needs. In order to get the radiant glow you deserve, you need to work with a doctor who understands your skin and has the experience needed to treat it.

That’s where we come in. Dr. Sethi has spent her career developing safe, effective skincare solutions for people of color. All RenewMD treatments were created from her 1:1 research on melanated skin. Because you should never feel as though your skin is “unfixable” – that’s simply not the case.

Inside our offices, you’ll find a safe space where you can ask questions and learn how to take better care of your beautiful, melanated skin. We take the time to listen, so we can recommend the best treatment for you – nobody else.

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