Our Philosophy

What you should know about us?

We Do it because We Love it!

We are a passionate team at RenewMD who love what we do. Our mission is to serve and bring out the best in you, and to guide you in achieving your longterm beauty goals that you love. Our #1 goal is to provide a safe, happy environment and process for you to love the skin you’re in!

We Believe Beauty
is a Feeling.

Beauty is unique and personal, and that’s what makes each of us beautiful. There is not one type of beauty and we will honor, acknowledge, and support your goals and results that you personally desire.

Education Leads Everything We Do.

Dr. Sethi has developed a perfect strategy to longterm natural beauty, and that is through educating her clients, and by using the most advanced technology and skincare to achieve goals. We educate our clients through every step of the way. This is empowering in achieving the version of yourself you most want to be and see, from the inside and out.

Comfortable, Inclusive, and Judgement-free Experience. Period.

RenewMD Beauty & Wellness was founded on the premise of creating transformative experiences for every kind of person, every type of skin, and every walk of life. We are committed to providing an experience that is personalized and comfortable. Come as you are!

Beautiful and Natural Results, Always.

RenewMD is built on enhancing beauty in the most elegantly subtle yet noticeable ways, and always personalized for you, with our team.