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 – 4/15/2019

Omg , I love those place
Everyone are very nice and friendly.
I can’t wait when I will be back !!




Such a wonderful experience since discovering this little gem. I have received a variety of different facials over the last couple of months preformed by Jasmine Pannu. She is awesome. I trust her to help take care of my skin and have purchased several of their recommended skincare products…


…My skin has never looked better. It’s an appointment I look forward to unwinding and leaving with clean glowing skin. Staff is knowledgeable about services and most helpful! This is a unexpected gem in the heart of Fremont. Beautiful offices offering a variety of treatments and services.

Pleased to take advantage of one of their weigh loss programs… very happy to say goodbye to 20 lbs I could not of done without their help. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.



Hello again, Yelpers!! Back with an update- Do date I’ve treated a neighbor and cousin each to a Micro-dermabrasion Facial by Jassi. They both loved the facials!! My cousin went yesterday and called me today to thank me for referring her and to tell me her skin is STILL glowing a day later! No kidding…


…She added how Jassi really created a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to ensure she enjoyed her facial from the calming music selection to the lighting of the room. Jassi’s facials are amazing! Both my neighbor and cousin have made appointments to return again. They are both so thankful that I referred them to ReNew MD Wellness. I have other friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances who are interested as well because I speak so highly of the services. Also, those around me are noticing a difference in the health of my skin- less white heads and oil.

I recently invested in a package and Stephanie helped me to do that. There were some other details that needed to be worked out with my account and payment method and Stephanie got it all addressed RIGHT away. She’s very nice and patient. Thanks ReNew MD Wellness!!

1/31/2019 Previous Review

To date, I have had a total of 3 visits to ReNew MD.

Prior to any appointments, I had a consultation with Dr. Sethi which lasted for about an hour.

She was very patient in listening to all the treatment and services I wanted. She was thorough in answering all my questions and explaining all services- she’s very knowledgeable in today’s leading and modern dermatological and skin care practices. Dr. Sethi has created her own skin care products suited for the goals of most people for their skin care.

Visit one I received micro needling performed by Dr. Sethi. She took her time during the procedure and was thorough.

Visit 2 and 3, I received the Microdermabrasion Facial performed by Jassi. Visit 3 was today. With each facial Jassi took her time, was extremely thorough and gentle. Both times she went into the spa before business hours to accommodate my schedule- she’s a total sweetheart.

I noticed a big difference in my skin from the first Microdermabrasion Facial- I now have less clogged pores and white heads. Included in the facial is a mini message- Jassi’s hands are strong, but gentle and always warm.

Don’t hesitate to visit ReNew MD. I’m sure you’ll have a pleasant visit!!



This place is where I come when I need profession medical grade treatments or just treating and pampering myself. Excellent value and amazing care and customer service. Love ReNewMD xx




This place is very clean and professional. It’s in a convenient place in a shopping center, I even went to a bookstore after my salt treatment. The staff was really nice and knowledgeable. The salt room was a nice place to chill and help my asthma.




A few people have called this place a hidden gem in some reviews I have read, and it’s really true. Dr. Sethi and her staff are really lovely. Although I don’t think I need ALL of the services here (ha!), I fully trust that the staff really knows what they are doing, as expressed through how much they love what they do.


DISCLAIMER: Yelp has deleted this review once before, and I am resubmitting it. Why, Yelp??
Anyway, I have visited RenewMD a few times in the last four months. Services I have tried so far (worth reading if you’re interested in details):

1.) Laser Hair Removal (September)
This was my first time trying laser hair removal (legs). Maria was really friendly and pleasant to calm my nerves. It wasn’t painful at all, and Maria talked me through the process. It took about 10-15mins, and from just one session, I have had great results. I am going back this week to get a second session.

2.) i-Lipo + Cavitation (September)
This was my first time trying i-Lipo and Cavitation with Mariam. I wanted to try it around my chin area. Mariam was very diligent, and like Maria (similar names), Mariam was so friendly, and explained the process to me. Again, it literally did not hurt. It was just a bit noisy (the high frequency ultrasound from the Cavitation). For this service, I will have to book another appointment to notice a stronger result.

3.) Microdermabrasion Facial + Skincare (August)
My microdermabrasion facial was done by Jassi, the in-house esthetician. It had been a really long time since I had gotten a facial, let alone a microdermabrasion. The microderm machine is INTENSE; it is sucking EVERYTHING out of your pores, and feel super effective. I have been using the RenewMD skincare line since July, so I think that helped with my results (I use the salicylic acid face and body cleanser, Vita Soothe, and the SPF tinter moisturizer). Jassi used steam, a cleanser, a mask, and performed a soothing massage (on my neck, arms and hands, too). I fell asleep. My skin, because of the facial/microderm/skincare combination felt so amazing, and it has kept up well. I follow the instructions Dr. Sethi and Jassi gave me initially.

4.) Halotherapy (August-current)
I have read so much about Halotherapy (Salt therapy) for a while. I take a more holistic approach to healing, and I am really happy that RenewMD incorporates that aspect throughout the practice. I have gone back a few times in the last couple months because I have terrible allergies, eczema, and this annoying cough/runny nose in the mornings. This has helped a lot. It’s so subtle, and honestly, so peaceful. I go in the salt room, and either read, or just drift off. A couple times, there have been people there who are taking a break from work, and once a mom who uses it as a time to get away.

A few people have called this place a hidden gem in some reviews I have read, and it’s really true. Dr. Sethi and her staff are really lovely. Although I don’t think I need ALL of the services here (ha!), I fully trust that the staff really knows what they are doing, as expressed through how much they love what they do.



Recently I had the pleasure of working with Renew MD on several procedures. They were great- professional, kind, and very knowledgeable. I was impressed with their guidance. With follow up care you receive a print out with skin care information as well as homemade skin care remedies that would be useful in the healing process.


While you are there I also recommend their skin care line. They have moisturizing products, eye gel, retinae infused oils so your skin doesn’t flake, vitamin C hydration sprays for your face and products with chamomile and lavender that your skin smelling really good.



I hardly ever feel the need to write a review for any business (good or bad), but the Renew MD team definitely deserve every word of praise! From the moment I contacted them with my inquiry and every interaction since, their entire team has been welcoming, friendly and professional. I had previously gone to another clinic to receive hair removal treatments,…


and that experience was far from pleasant. From then on, I was nervous to pursue further treatment anywhere else, but I took a chance and going to Renew MD was a complete 180 from what I had experienced before. Certain procedures (depending on what and where) can be very intimate and at times embarrassing. Not only was Maria, my nurse, knowledgeable in the laser hair removal process and the lasers being used, but she is so very very personable! Treatment can be uncomfortable at times, depending on the hair thickness and area. She made sure to check that I was okay throughout, while also making sure to keep the integrity of the procedure in order for us to achieve the wanted results. She definitely goes the extra mile to gain your trust and to make you feel comfortable. It’s like visiting a good friend, who just happens to be lasering you. What more can you ask for when getting your armpit hairs removed permanently?? LOL As far as results, after 6 treatments the hair on my pits are practically nonexistent and my confidence in short sleeves is at an all-time high! I will definitely be returning to laser other body parts and to explore the rest of the treatments they have available. Renew MD team, you guys are amazing!



I am so excited to have found this place. Appointments are always available. Services I have tried are great (microneedling and botox). I have been very happy with the services and I will be back again.

Happy Client Reviews

My hormonal issues first appeared when I was a teenager. The symptoms progressed with age. The physicians I met with prescribed everything from birth control pills to hysterectomies. It wasn’t until I started bioidentical hormones under the direction of a doctor did my issues get resolved. Now I am entering menopause and haven’t had traditional symptoms of menopause and living a healthy active life.

Barbara B.

The Ultra Benefits eye gel is absolutely amazing- nothing has been as effective on my dark circles.

Georgia T.

The facial peels here are extremely effective. Glad to find a place that I can trust with my skin.

Rebecca D.