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What is a Med Spa?

If you want a relaxing day with cucumber slices over your eyes, you visit a spa. If you want to identify a skin abnormality or concern on your body, you visit a dermatologist's office. But, on what occasion, you may visit a med spa. But, what is a medi spa? Well, to put it simply: A medical spa is a mix between a dermatologist’s office and a skin and body spa, with the difference being that a medical spa offers non-invasive, innovative laser treatments to treat and heal skin.

Services We Don’t Currently Offer

New and improved liposuction abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) The tummy tuck procedure has evolved and improved since the procedure was first tried in 1899. The standard technique, which has been with us for about 30 years, consists of a horizontal incision in the lower abdomen. The skin and fat is lifted up off of the muscle. The belly button is saved by cutting around it. The muscles are tightened and the skin and fat flap is brought down and trimmed off.

Don’t let treatments scare you!

One of the biggest obstacles to getting cosmetic treatments is fear. Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown. However, a lot of fear is based on misinformation and the wrong assumptions. Almost every patient coming to see me for an anti-wrinkle procedure will request that it looks very natural and not ‘frozen”. I want to try a cosmetic treatment, but I’m nervous. Is this normal? Yes! We find that many people are nervous the first time they come in. Usually, they’re worried about the treatment outcome, afraid that they won’t look like themselves or that they will look “done” or “overdone” and others will know that they did something. They are afraid of looking fake or looking like some of the people they see on TV, in the movies, or in magazines.

Thyroid Hormone Health

Why Millions of People With “Normal” Thyroid Tests Still Have a Thyroid Problem! What You’re Not Told, and How to Find Out - First and foremost: it’s important to know where you thyroid gland is, the basics of what it does, and how it functions. The thyroid gland rests in the lower neck. It’s responsible for controlling and regulating the body’s overall metabolism at a cellular level.

Menopause: How to Treat the Symptoms and Changes Safely

My practice nurtures the process for those undergoing huge changes in their lives. In the medical industry, women’s wellness is often overlooked or addressed with less priority and care. Here is some helpful research and information about menopause, and how to make the experience comfortable and risk-free. In my internal medicine practice, and as the Medical Director of RenewMD, I have had extensive experience working with women undergoing every stage of menopause – beginning, during and post menopausal.

How to Treat Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation aka dark spots, is one of the most common skin concerns that brings patients to RenewMD. Hyperpigmentation means having too much pigment/color in the skin. This can be present in any age group and is caused by a number of factors. Some ethnicities, such as Asian and South Asian (Indian), are more prone to hyperpigmentation, and as I specialize in ethnic skin, this condition is something I see a lot of. Treating hyperpigmentation on my own skin was a challenge and once I found my routine – it was rewarding!

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