What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy is a natural remedy that involves inhaling pharmaceutical grade dry salt that is dispersed through a halo-generator.  The salt disperses microscopic salt particles into the room. As you inhale the tiny particles it clears your airways and lungs. Salt Therapy is suitable for babies, children, and adults. How READ MORE

Thyroid Hormone Health

Why Millions of People With “Normal” Thyroid Tests Still Have a Thyroid Problem! What You’re Not Told, and How to Find Out First and foremost: it’s important to know where you thyroid gland is, the basics of what it does, and how it functions. The thyroid gland rests in the READ MORE

Why Stress Makes You Fat

How to recognize the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and how to take charge of your body! There is a lot of buzz around the subject of cortisol, our main ‘stress hormone’, which  causes weight gain. Lately, this has increased cortisol-blocking supplements in the VERY extensive supplement market. These products claim READ MORE

Healing Powers of HaloTherapy

Healing Powers of HaloTherapy And How Everyone Can Benefit from it Dr. Simran Sethi Halotherapy (the therapeutic process experienced in a salt room), also known as salt therapy, is one of the most ‘tried and true’ holistic and natural healing methods. It date back to the ancient Greeks, and in READ MORE

Skin Care Essentials

Maintaining Lasting Beauty and Skin Health the Most Practical WayDr. Simran Sethi A custom daily skin care routine with the right combination of ingredients is one of the best ways to treat your skin (of course, so is drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily!) A proper READ MORE

Natural Sweetners

1. Monk Fruit Monk fruit is a ‘calorie free’ sweetener which has been commonly used as an herbal remedy in Chinese medicine. It is widely available in powdered form and is significantly sweeter in taste than sugar. Additionally, it does not have a bitter after-taste like some other sugar substitutes. READ MORE

Low Carb Plant-Based Protein

In my practice we are always asked what our recommended protein sources are for vegetarians. More often than not, patients are surprised when I ask them to limit the amount of lentils, chickpeas and quinoa as these are commonly thought to be superfoods and an excellent source of protein. Lentils, READ MORE

COVID Update as of 11/21/20: With all the recent Covid updates, we wanted to let you know we are open. We are operating at our normal business hours and offering all services. As always, we continue to adhere to very strict safety guidelines and protocols to keep you and our staff healthy.
(Read Our Covid-19 Patient Safety Practices)

Our Covid-19 Patient Safety Practices include:

  • Disinfecting ALL surfaces in between every patient
  • Extending appointment times for social distancing
  • Providing hand sanitizer and soap for everyone
  • Removing all frequently touched items; magazines, etc.
  • Waiving 24-hour cancellation fee for rescheduled appointments
  • Offering the flexibility of virtual consultations
Please call us if you have any questions about your appointments or treatments. Stay healthy and feel beautiful. We look forward to seeing you. Dr. Simran Sethi
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