Healthy Tuna Salad

Healthy Tuna Salad

Weight loss and your overall health and wellness starts off with a healthy diet. This simple recipe is packed with healthy protein and can be enjoyed with a full salad or just lettuce cups.



1 can tuna (water packed)

½ celery stick diced

1 hard boiled egg diced into small pieces

1 cucumber

1 carrot

¼ diced onion

½ tsp mayonaise

½ tsp mustard

Pinch of salt and pepper (to taste)




  1. Mix all ingredients together
  2. Enjoy with a hearty salad or spoon onto butter lettuce cups or celery sticks.


Green Juice

You can customize green juice based on your liking by picking one item from each of the groups listed below. Trying a variety of combinations will help you


  1. Pick one Base

-1 cucumber

-4-5 celery stalks


2) Pick 1 or 2 leafy greens

-½ head romaine/ green leaf/ watercress lettuce

-2-3 cups spinach

-2-3 cups kale


3) Pick 1 fruit to sweeten

-1 medium green apple

– 1 medium pear

-1 medium grapefruit

-1 medium

-2-3 cups diced pineapple

-2 kiwis


4) Pick 1 for detox (optional)

-1 knuckle of ginger

-Juice of 1 lemon

-Handful of cilantro


5) Put in blender and enjoy!


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