Facial Volume Loss & Sunken Cheeks

Sunken cheeks are an inevitable part of aging for many of us. They develop when the body slows its production of collagen and subcutaneous fat.Other factors, such as sudden weight loss, smoking, poor lifestyle choices and certain diseases, can cause cheeks to recede and sink into the face.Several tried-and-true treatment options are available to help you plump up those cheeks in no time flat, including fillers and surgery.



Juvederm is an injectable gel with hyaluronic acid particles that gives a subtle yet noticeable contouring for face and lips. This injectable focuses on deep lines around the nose and mouth and is used to target laugh lines and thin lips. Within one treatment, clients achieve youthful, natural, and sculpted results.

A consultation is required before all first-time injectable treatments with a Renew MD Health & Wellness medical professional.





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